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The SERU and MARKENmerch cooperation model

Starting situation:
MARKENmerch GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2014 and initially concentrated on classical merchandising products. In addition to licensing issues, the emphases from the start were its own products and production processes in Asia. The business model was highly successful and grew quickly. Soon after the company’s launch, MARKENmerch came up against its own capacity limits. In order to expand business sustainably while nevertheless remaining independent and flexible, SERU joined as a partner for operational and administrative handling.

It quickly became clear that not much progress would be made in this case with a standardised, conventional logistics solution. We therefore developed a modular service concept that initially covers the basic requirements but is also able to grow with the demands of business while simultaneously pressing ahead with joint business development. The integration of MARKENmerch into the SERU omnichannel system with partners from the trade, product development and manufacturing areas is the solution.


The SERU solution portfolio for MARKENmerch

Safeguarding the classical themes concerning logistics and administration: we make space, employees and EDP available and integrate MARKENmerch into its own client solution within the SERU structure. This involved setting up exclusive access to our ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV). With this basic setup, MARKENmerch can work not only at national level, but also at the European and international levels.

Product and business development: In 2016, MARKENmerch launched a participation model and a separate product line for the manufacturing and sale of 3D products. In the process, a sales organisation of its own was set up and, at the same time, a manufacturing process was developed in order to reduce the production costs of 3D products significantly and thereby make them fit for the mass market.

E-business B2C and B2B: development of an online-shop solution both for B2C and for B2B, plus the implementation of international transport solutions in the consumer segment. The focal point of the partnership’s future development is the attempt to supply customers in the USA and China, too, directly with products from the MARKENmerch catalogue.



As a part of the SERU omnichannel system, MARKENmerch can not only develop a more individual approach to customers, but also carry on growing while simultaneously remaining independent and flexible because important operational and administrative tasks are being taken on. Along with the expansion phases of the individual services, there developed a solution that is virtually made to measure. A classical logistical approach would never have allowed a depiction with such a high-precision fit.


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The SERU and eBlocker cooperation model

Starting situation:
eBlocker GmbH was founded in 2014 in Hamburg and, following a development period of more than two years, launched the eBlocker Pro on the market. It’s a smart device that is connected directly with the router and from there anonymises the online behaviour on every device in a home network. The eBlocker family followed at the beginning of 2017; with this device, parents can protect children and adolescents from undesired content and limit their surfing periods. SERU guided this step onto the market from the outset with solutions that are tailored for the requirements of eBlocker GmbH and the customers and/or clients and can be enhanced modularly. Parallel to the launch and while the products were being marketed, it became clear that the production would have to be organised more efficiently and distribution management would have to be enhanced with further tasks.

The solution:
As well as supplying consumers all over the world with the eBlocker products, SERU has been responsible for the entire physical production of the articles since 2016 from the receipt of the respective modules, through testing, packaging in the sales packs and ultimately refurbishment – in other words the reprocessing of returned articles. SERU thereby proves that logistics do not begin with the incoming goods and do not have to end when the respective products are dispatched.


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