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Reliability, speed and flexibility – these are what SERU is mainly known for and this will continue into the future. But the really interesting themes are those for which we are not yet known.

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From the classical pick-pack-ship services:

Warehousing / Inventory management

  • Extremely diligent and clean warehousing
  • Inventories (deadline/permanent) in accordance with state-of-the-art procedures
  • Strict security conditions
  • Batch and serial number management, FiFo/LiFo

For you we take on professional, barcode-supported warehousing – and, together with you, the entire management of your inventories. We store your goods in an extremely diligent, dry, clean and most of all secure way in our own halls.

Security is a matter of particular significance for us, which is why all of our halls are directly connected with the security service and the local fire brigade by means of a burglary and fire alarm system. Movement-sensitive cameras provide additional protection.

Inventories on our premises are carried out quickly, reliably and always with very good results.

Order processing

  • High service level standards
  • Individual interface adjustments / EDI connections (also with trading partners)
  • Loss or damage during transport
  • campaign and seasonal business

Be they manual incoming orders, EDI or individually adapted customer interfaces, we ensure a smooth and swift procedure in order processing.

Double and treble checks reduce the error ratio in dispatch down to a level approaching zero. Goods on our premises are packed optimally for transport so that we have as few problems as possible with goods damaged in transit.


  • Freight cost optimisations
  • Reliable transport partners and CEP services
  • Freight auditing
  • simplified customs clearance

From our headquarters in the immediate vicinity of the Hamburg metropolitan region, our transport network stretches over Germany and Europe and out into the whole world – also with express and fixed-date deliveries. Tracking and tracing helps with the reliable monitoring of the packages, whether they are packages, parcels or pallets.

We work with a variety of haulage companies and CEP services, always with the aim of guaranteeing the fastest possible dispatch within the appropriate transport networks.

Customer Service

  • Administration of all master data
  • Personal contact (for customers and trade)
  • Coordination of orders and backlogs
  • key account management

Be it in the warehouse or the office, we take care of our customers’ well-being at every level. In so doing, we embody our philosophy of the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

By providing individual support and guidance, we provide the all-round carefree package. We take on administrative tasks and ease the burden on our customers so that they can concentrate entirely on their own product quality.

Financial management

  • Receivables management
  • Invoicing including discount and condition processing
  • Arrears billing
  • Analyses and reports

With our outsourcing of the receivables management function, we are taking on the organisation and monitoring of the outgoing invoice and incoming payment for you.

You concentrate entirely on the marketing and sale of your products and we help you with the administration of the accounts receivable. With reliable data interfaces and statistical reports we help you, following the successful dispatch of the goods, to prepare and send the invoices.

Returns processing

  • Processing of B2B and B2C returns
  • Reprocessing in accordance with customer’s wishes (e.g. shrink wrapping, cellophaning)
  • Active recovery of goods / RMA procedure
  • technical inspection

Thanks to our ingenious reverse logistics procedure, we process returns with cost optimisation, diligence and dependability. While doing so, we integrate the RMA procedure as the standard process on request, deal with themes such as price protection and administer the appropriate price keys for the secure downstream creation of credit notes.

We cannot prevent returns, but we can reduce costs with our efficient procedures and keep expenses for everyone involved as low as possible.


Special services

  • Assembly and assorting
  • Set and display construction
  • Packing and repacking of products
  • labelling, price tags

To place your product sales-optimised in retail outlets, we also provide special services with the same high standards as classical logistical services.

Ask us. We’ll be glad to help.

Up to cross-sectoral 360° services:

Retailing, sales and marketing

Our enhanced service portfolio contains classical sales services to the same extent as helpful services in the retail business, for example when licences and networks are the defining theme.


We round off the entire process chain with our technical support. In doing so, we are using arvato R.I.M. as an internationally acknowledged VMI system while also making use of the appropriate server environment. It is all very fast, secure and efficient.

Product development and production

Do you want to create your own products in the future and round off your product portfolio with them?


SERU can help you to achieve this goal in word and deed – especially in the broadly defined merchandising environment. We can collaborate with you in the development of complementary products and the 3D portfolio, as well as taking on the production, design protection and any necessary licence issues with cost optimisation. Do you have any needs regarding your sound carriers or DVD products? This is another area where we can offer appropriate solutions.

In-house and out-housed personnel solutions

SERU and our partner company GIL Solutions offer service-contract solutions in every conceivable trading and industrial field.


Be it display building, order picking, VAS services or even an autonomous implementation of complex themes, such as a complete logistical handling, we’ll realise it for you. Our SERU Task Force even provides its own dispatch and delivery system if you need it. In providing this service, we use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to access our head office by means of secure and speedy data connections.

Cooperation partnerships

Together with our customers, we develop individual cross-sectoral solutions by complementing existing infrastructures, practical expertise and market competencies.


To be in a position to provide the most omnipotent solution orientation possible, even outside of the usual normal service chain, SERU offers a superordinate cooperation model with fulfilment service providers from the fields of logistics, trade, sales and marketing, merchandising, product development and production for particular business approaches and individual projects.

E-commerce and start-up support

Start-ups are ten a penny. But they often fail due to a lack of the required technical and physical infrastructure, practical expertise, the necessary administration, and objective and honest advice.


To provide relief and let good ideas come to fruition, SERU has created a separate start-up environment. In it, pursuant to our modular service concept, the start-up entrepreneur can access everything that is necessary and concentrate entirely on the development of his undertaking. Our e-commerce solutions are made equally available to established business enterprises – e.g. for an enhancement of their own offer strategies or an enhancement of the sales possibilities on the B2B or B2C market.


Additional possibilities thanks to logistical full-service management.

e SERU CO-OP model is an amalgamation of fulfilment service providers who complement each other by providing existing infrastructures, practical expertise, market competencies and networks. The objective of this is to offer customers the greatest possible scope and the most omnipotent solution orientation that is possible along the usual supply chain. We are always open-minded about exciting new cooperative approaches. Talk to us about them.


Our partners from the trade, merchandising, product development and production segments:


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